Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Thinkingest Thursday Thoughts

First of all, I'm an attorney yeah. Hence the name Lullaby JD. That being said, being a lawyer doesn't make me an expert on anything at all, much less things outside the realm of law. For example, I have no idea when the next solar eclipse will be. I can't read your fortune off your palm, nor can I ascertain why my car is making that weird knocking sound when I put my foot on the gas. So maybe, perhaps, I ought to be permitted a little slack when I'm not as good a server as the employee who you've been managing for 7 years. Ya think?

Party planning for 2nd graders is a lot harder than for 4th graders. Last year's Halloween party for Keep's class was Mad Scientist and the kids are still talking about it. 3 years ago, I planned Keep's 2nd grade Halloween party as a Pirate theme. It was barely a success. 2nd graders are hard. So now I'm planning Bogey's party, with a theme of Spiders, Bats, and worms, all gross things that make you squirm! Any ideas?

Lastly, babies who refuse to nap make me crazy. Especially when that baby is mine.

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