Thursday, October 7, 2010

Target Has Samples Now? How'd I Miss This?!?!

Did you know you can now request samples from target!? I'm a Target nut. To the extent that each of my 3 children can claim an outing to "Our Target" as their first post-birth trip out of the house. In fact, with Keep and Dare, we stopped at Target on the way home from the hospital!

Now, before you start thinking I'm some sort of bad mommy who exposes her kids to all kinds of germs, they were safe in their baby carseats, covered with blankets. But the lights at Target have always held a special appeal for infants in our family, so we go there. A lot.

It's totally about exposing the kids to the calming lights and noises of the store, not me shopping. Not at all, not one bit! Sigh. Okay, it's also about me shopping.

Anyhow, here's a link to request whatever samples they're featuring at the moment. Right now, it's Glad Odor Shield trashbags and a new version of Tide with a stain lifter. Free stuff, from my favorite mass-market retailer? I'm SO there!

Free Stuffs at Target.


  1. I thought it was great Target give samples now too! I am your newest follow on GFC when you get a chance please follow back at

  2. I love target too. I did not know they had free sample thanks for sharing.

  3. Saw your request on Pitch it to Me, so I'm your newest follower! I'd love to have you visit my blog, too!

    Crazy Cat Lady

  4. I'm following from Pitch it too- GFC and google RSS. Hint, hint, I love doing email subscriptions, so please add that option (super easy) and I'll gladly subscribe that way too!! (I also have a blog hop on Mondays just FOR email subscriptions called...Mailbox Mondays)

  5. Thanks for the tips, QueenB! I'll get right on it as soon as I get home from my double today. ;-)

    Also, I'll be sure to follow you all back (if I don't already!) just as soon as I get home tonight. I appreciate your stopping by, so thanks to all of you!