Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fabric Wristband Teether Review

I wanted my first ever official review on this blog to be for a product that means a whole lot to me, something I am so lucky to have stumbled upon that I want others to be fortunate enough to find as well. After thinking about all the new products I've used during Dare's infancy and toddlerhood (so far) that I never knew about, or they didnt' exist yet, when Keep and Bogey were little, I thought of 1 product we use every single day.

Fabric Wristband Teethers. I was browsing Etsy one day when Dare was about 6 months old, and I noticed a brand new shop that sold wristbands with tabs on them (sort of like the blankies and toys with tactile loops, know what I mean?). I immediately convo'ed with the owner of the shop to ask if I could get a custom of special colors for him, and had my order placed the next day. I was her inaugural Etsy customer, how cool is that?

The shop is called Fort and Crib, and is based in Australia! Now, although the owner of the shop lives a bajillion miles away, I still received my first set of custom wristbands in 1 week's time. Super fast response to my questions, she sewed the wristbands quick as lightening, and got them to me in no time. 

Dare was teething SO bad it was insane. He actually had 5 teeth coming in at one time! The pediatrician thought it was bonkers. But honestly, at 6 months old, he quickly figured out that he could chew on the wristband's loops and never drop it. I never had to give Dare any tylenol or orajel during his teething periods, and I credit the amber necklace combined with the wristbands for that.

I've since ordered 2 more wristbands, and he wears them every single day. 

See his blue wristband? It survived quite the caking!

The sewing is impeccable. I'm talking, the kind of quality you expect to find from high end baby boutiques. Moreover, the wristbands are in bright baby-friendly colors, and the owner is easy to work with if you've got a color scheme in mind. Best of all, at $8.50, they are an affordable addition to your own baby's teething solutions, or a great addition to a baby shower present. 

You can see he's wearing another wristband in the Wordless Wednesday picture from yesterday! And here's a picture of Dare at 8 months wearing the 1st version of the wristband. 
You can even see a few of those bitty teeth!
* I have shopped at Fort and Crib several times in the past, and obtained permission from the owner to write a review of her product on this blog. I received no compensation for my review, but she was kind enough to send me an extra wristband to help me evaluate her newest design. This review is my honest opinion, formed even before I had a blog to share it on!


  1. That is an awesome idea! I wish i had that when my lil guy was teething. I will keep that in mind, i do have some baby showers coming up ...

  2. That is a great idea and they are so cute! Love the vivid colors! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, really helpful!


  3. what a cool idea - I may have to get one for my 4 yr old - he's got sensory integration issues and often wants to chew on his collars... this would be so much better!

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  5. Heather, I'd bet Rach could design a custom for him! She makes these for differently abled kids too. I don't know much about sensory integration, but if having control over a security object that is mouth-able would help, then Fort and Crib is your shop!

  6. These look like really great products for babies! Thank so much for your thoughts:)

  7. When my toddler was younger and teething she could not hold onto anything. It all ended up on the floor out of her reach. Her teething item of choice was a tag blankie so I think she would have got good use out of this!

  8. Looks like a great idea for sure - especially since it won't be dropped.

  9. Wow! I've never seen anything like those before, but are they ever a good idea! Great review :) I'm your newest follower from Pitch It To Me - Would love for you to stop by my blog and say hello sometime.

    Born 2 Be Mom

  10. What a great product! And excellent review!!!

  11. Her teething item of choice was a tag blank so I think she would have got good use out of cheap custom wristbands thanks for sharing