Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Rules My Universe.

Srsly. I was on my way here this morning to do my Three Thinkingest Thursday Thoughts, and thought to myself, why not stop by Ree's and see what she's cooking up today? Afterall, my ENTIRE Thanksgiving menu last year came from her recipes (book and site), and so did my ENTIRE Easter day brunch and dinner. That should clue you in, a teeny bit, to how obsessed I am with her delicious foods!

So, in any event, there I was, preparing to head here with a pit stop by her place to check and see if I needed to create a new bookmarked recipe when I saw this-- (please, go here now and then come back to me!)--

Ree's Creamy Grits with Chilie's

I'd love to post a picture of the sumptuousness, but I don't wanna be a thief, so you'll have to go visit her to see. Now, you may be telling yourself not to bother, b/c you don't like grits. But I'm promising you, if the only grits you've ever had are your grandma's breakfast staple grits, or waffle house side dish grits, ignore the little voice in your head and pop over there. Cheese grits are a whole 'nother universe from those plain old buttered grits of childhood.

I'm SO making this tonight! Now, I'm off to the grocery store. Back with my Thinkingest Thursdays soon, promise!


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  3. I LOVE Pioneer Woman's recipes! Her lasagna is fantastic.

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