Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Thinkingest Thursday Thoughts

I haven't worn a Halloween costume since I was 12 years old. Until last night. For my part time gig, all of us servers had to dress in costume for a party held at the restaurant. I racked my brain for days and days trying to come up with an interesting and clever costume. I finally, a half an hour before my shift, designed a spiderweb on a black shirt, and threw on a nametag that read, "Hello, my name is.... CHARLOTTE." Get it?

Why is it you always discover what you need to buy is 50% cheaper across town at the store you always shop at, on the day you're sitting in the specialty store getting emergency work done on your computer and paying premium prices? Whoops!

My kids are out of school tomorrow and Monday. The teachers at their school are so pampered, the district really works hard to give them enough inservice days with empty classrooms so they have time for planning, preparing, continuing education, and rejuvenation. Although all the days off can be a pain for working parents to plan around, I really credit this care with a major reason our teachers are so phenomenal. Take care of our teachers, because when they're happy, our kids are happy!

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  1. Love the costume idea. May have to steal it this year...

    Just popping in from the Thursday hop & I'm now a follower. Stop by when you get a chance!

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