Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Thinkingest Thursday Thoughts

Why do we spend all year teaching our children to "be comfortable being yourself" and then spend an entire month helping them plan a costume so they can show the world they are someone else entirely? I have to confess, I never really "got" Halloween. But my kids love it so much, and since I love them...

Beauty and the Beast is coming out on BluRay! I don't have a BluRay player (sigh, one day!) but just having the commercials on the TV is exciting. I love that movie! Something about scarred or monstrous man, tamed by a strong woman's love is inspiring.

Bogey played his first round of golf from the regulation tee boxes yesterday. A course he'd never seen before, from distances ranging 150 yards to 300 yards per hole, and shot 66 over 12 holes (they stopped early, b/c he's still just a little guy!). That's comparable to the winning score turned in by this year's Junior Champion (who is several years older) for our state. Yay Bogey, if he keeps it up, I may have to start calling him Birdie instead!


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