Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holiday Planning and Advice Request

This year has been filled with setting up a law firm, working as much as possible on law-related projects and cases, as well as working this part-time gig as a waitress. Because of all the expenses of becoming a business owner, I'm looking for ways to save on Christmas gifts for the kids. All 3 of them still believe in Santa, so I know I need to sock away enough of the green stuff to find great Santa gifts. And of course, it'd be nice to give them each a nice gift from mom and dad!

One thing I've perfected over the years is making delicious homemade gifts for friends and extended family. We make tons of cookies, candy, and even chocolate truffles and meltaways. This year will be no different, and I'm already scouting out what gifts we'll be making. In addition, last year we realized how much we could save by filling stockings with toiletries and stuff the kids need anyway. They enjoyed getting special/fun bathroom supplies, and we knocked out two needs (stockings and soaps) in one shot!

With that said, I'm interested in hearing any tips you all have for earning the rebates and giftcards that can help reduce the cost of the Holiday gift buying for kids season. How do YOU earn extra rewards and giftcards? Where do you find great low-entry contests for older kids toys and clothes?


  1. I find it a lot harder to get things for older kids through online contests...seems like everyone focuses on the babies/toddlers :(

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  3. New follower from This For That. I earn rewards at swagbucks! I have earned lots of Amazon gift cards just by surfing the net. There is no catch. Please email me if you want more info. A lot of people do this. It's great!

  4. I am visiting from This for That (I'm #3 today). There are lots of ways to earn cashback and points. 1-Ebates is my favorite. You get cash back for every online purchase you were going to make anyway. You can easily put that away into a special account earmarked for christmas. 2-Twittermoms has a lot of blogging opportunities that provide gift cards just for blogging about a specific topic. 3-figure out where you do the most shopping and get a credit card for that store. We auto charge many monthly purchases that we have to pay anyway to our Disney card such as our cell phones, water bill, cable bills,etc. That way we get points on every purchase that can be redeemed later. We go to Disney every year for almost nothing this way. I've blogged about all of these in detail. Stop by if you can and read about them.