Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Golf dominates my house.

Between my husband's round-the-clock all golf all the time personality, and Bogey's developing passion, I'm drowning in golf! Today, Bogey spend his after school time trying to teach Dare how to hold a club "properly." Best he got for his efforts was a welt on his jaw from Dare belting him with a plastic ball.

Last year for Christmas, Bogey got his first set of true "golfer's golf clubs." A junior's set of Nike Tiger Woods clubs. The set (TW Black) came with a stand bag, a driver, a 5, 7, and 9 iron, a sand wedge, and a putter. The set even included a small box of Nike juniors balls.

We ordered a set that we thought would be a little long for Bogey, but we wanted something for him to grow into, and these clubs fit the bill. Even better, he'd been swinging Keep's Calloway driver whenever he could sneak it out of her bag, and we knew he liked to swing with an exaggerated over extension,  much like you would see from a John Daly style power driver.

When Bogey opened the box, he immediately began to strap the backpack style straps of the stand bag over each shoulder and march around the room in pride. Come Spring, all he wanted to do was hit the range.

Hitting an iron at the range

Teeing it up with a Nationwide Tour Player at Kid's Day.

He even won the 3 hole junior championship at the club where he played junior golf this summer! Golf was an addiction over the summer for Bogey, he'd beg to practice in the 100 degree heat. We had to push him to come inside for hydration and relief from the sun!

These clubs are definitely made for kids who are serious about golfing, but they're also a great "first set." Bogey's had various clubs since his first plastic toy set as a toddler. He's even had several individual Nike clubs of the variety sold by mass retailers. The Tour Blacks though, feature the technology and capabilities of the adults version, only on a scale that fits the young golfer. They are well balanced and definitely not simply cut-down versions of adult clubs. They do have the attention to detail we have come to expect from Nike clubs though!

Bogey hit these all summer long, on average 5 days a week, and they are still in excellent condition. They resisted scratches and nicks, held their straight shafts, and the grips are still in great shape. Best of all? They are a hundred dollars cheaper than they were last year! The price is so good I'm considering buying the smallest set for Dare now, so he'll have them in 2 years when he's ready for his first set of preschool clubs.

The Golf Warehouse is where we order our junior golf gear, and it's where I've found the set on super-sale this season. Christmas shopping for your little athlete? Think golf, the sport of gentlemen!

(This post is not a Sponsored review. I have no affiliation with Nike or TGW. These are just my opinions and experience).


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