Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Thinkingest Thursday Thoughts

Having my macbook in the shop is making me crazy. I'm spending endless amounts of time (which I can't afford to spare) sitting on the apple homepage browsing products I think I need to get to replace my macbook, even though it's still under warranty and getting great care.

I wish Dinosaur Train on PBS (which is Dare's favorite show) had more songs. I'd love to get a PBS kid's songs cd for in the car with all the tunes he loves.

Christmas is something like 100 days away and I have purchased only 2 presents. This is so completely unacceptable it's not funny. I need ideas and advice for great gifts this year!

1 comment:

  1. Are there even any songs at all on Dino Train other then the opening credits? That is a cute show.
    And Christmas...good grief, let me get through Halloween :)
    Or just go ahead and order a bunch of stuff on Amazon (w/ free supersaver shipping of course). Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesey.