Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Thinkest Thursday Thoughts

If cats learn instinctively to use a single litter box to do their business, why can my dogs not master the ability to do theirs in the whole of the backyard, rather than on my kitchen floor?

Netflix through the wii is changing my life. Constantly having movies, shows, and series programs available whenever I want them (and on my mac too!) is just about as awesome as it gets.

"Billable hours" and "reality hours" are two completely separate realities. Either way ya look at it though, I'm working way too many of both!


  1. Oh my goodness. You sound like one very busy woman. Did I read you're starting your own firm? That in itself is a huge, brave feat. And kids on top of that? My god. Did enjoy the ethics lessons on billable hours in law school? Like how no one seems to follow those lessons in "the real world"? So glad you found me, loving your blog!

  2. Amber, I enjoyed none of the lessons in law school. Except, perhaps, the ones where they brought in food. Even then, I'm not sure I enjoyed them! Thanks for posting, I'm enjoying your blog as well!