Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Thinkingest Thursday Thoughts

Why is the size of the temper so dramatically opposite than the size of the child? Dare is the most ornery and determined little cuss I've ever been around!

Parents who come to restaurants and expect their children to be entertained by the waitress are morons. Further, those who demand the waitress read their minds in order to divine what the child sitting next to its parent wants are beyond morons, they are offensive ingrates who don't deserve to dine out.

I wonder if people in other industries have the same problems as attorneys. Everyone has "this problem" that they want your free initial consult on. Then, when it's time to pony up that retainer, they have a million and one reasons to delay. Look, either you want my representation, or you don't. Either way, my kids gotta eat. So either step up to the plate or get outta the batter's box, cuz I gotta keep this hot streak going! Does that happen to doctors? People suddenly feel less frantic to be seen once the doctor confirms it's poison oak and not rabid skin eating infectious staph after being accosted in the bike helmet aisle at the Supertarget?

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