Friday, November 5, 2010

Online Degree Say WHAT?!

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 For those who don't know, I obtained about 90% of my undergrad degree using non-traditional means. After all, as a married mama, I was non-traditional from the start, so why not use the technology of today to study in a way that worked for our family? 11 years ago when I first started the process of earning an online degree, many folks still questioned the legitimacy of degrees earned this way.

The world of academia has come a long way since then. They even have law schools that are primarily online now (I dunno if they're accredited though, which is a huge concern). Now, I gotta be honest, I'm a Husker, so a part of me is pained to talk about what a great program USC has for getting a Master of Arts in Teaching.

But facts are facts, and the fact is, USC's Rossier School of Education is doing a lot of things right. Getting your degree online opens so many doors for women. Being able to study and complete work (including tests) at whatever hour is compatible for your homelife is priceless. I can recall nursing Bogey while I wrote an essay exam for one of my behavioral psychology courses at 2 in the morning.

Online learning also opens up the cohort to include busy professionals who bring their wisdom and experience, young full-time learners with their innovative ideas and energy, and even transfer students from other nations who provide fascinating insight into other cultures. 

While these are benefits you can get at any online university, here are some specific benefits that you can get through the MAT program at USC.

  • Education from an internationally recognized faculty that has been educating tomorrow's teachers for over a century. 
  • An accelerated learning program (I took part in an accelerated program for part of my undergrad, and honestly, it's amazing to learn so fast and become viable in the job market so early!). 
  • Rossier and the MAT@USC received recognition from AACTE for their innovative use of technology. 
  • USNews and World Reports ranks the USC School of Education #22 nationally, and #9 among private colleges. 
  • And lastly, 

          You get to be a full fledged USC Trojan. Not quite as alluring as being a Husker, I know, but few things can compete with being an ear of corn. Right?

Despite the honest truth being that I love practicing law, the reality is that this economy just isn't real friendly towards attorneys right now. For that reason, I've been looking into returning to school to become a licensed teacher, so this program is one that I've been investigating as a potential option as I could go to school when I'm not practicing law, waitressing, coaching, or parenting. See, because online learning is that versatile!

I've offered a few of the benefits of an online education from USC's program, but you really can't know all the ways it could work for you until you check it out for yourself. There's just not enough blogspace here to tell you all the reasons why this program rocks. So go to the MAT@USC's webpage to learn about how this program could be just the ticket for a mom who is looking to maintain her employability while she raises her kids.

program information takes you directly to the page with all the nitty gritty low down details of this awesome program.

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