Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oliver's Labels

There are a lot of companies out there that make adhesive labels to use in your kiddo's clothing and on their toys. But, as is true in all areas of life, sometimes you can find a company that stands out. One that makes an adorable product you can be excited about using. A label that won't wear away or turn into a gummy mess that leaves residue all over anything it touches.

Oliver's labels is one of those companies. I received my labels from Oliver's Labels about a month ago. I immediately used the adorable dinos to label all Dare's fall clothes. I even used the shoe labels in his many pairs of chucks. The boy has them in black, red, flame, and blue. Not to mention all his other shoes. Honestly, I don't know why he has so many shoes, but he is the Imelda Marcos of baby boys. Now, if we could just get him some shoes from See Kai Run and some new Wee Squeaks to replace the ones he outgrew, and we'll be all set.

But, I digress. Oliver's Labels were so cool as to include some of everything in the package they sent me, and I really wanted to put these to the test. So for the last month I have had Dare wearing, playing with, washing, and drying these labels. They look as good today as when they first arrived.

I'd show you a pic, but then you'd know all our information! However, that leads me to another awesome function of Oliver's Labels that I've not seen from other companies. A Found It feature! At no cost to you, Oliver's Labels will place a code on the edge of each label, with directions for anyone who finds a misplaced item to merely log on and find out how to contact us for return!

How many times have your kids come home from daycare with no clue which kid took home their special show and tell toy? Or returned from the park with the wrong jacket? My kids leave their stuff everywhere. It's tough teaching personal responsibility. And until they get it firmly in hand, I love knowing that anyone who finds Dare's stuff will know how to get in touch with us for return.

One final thing that I love about Oliver's Labels are the Safety Wristbands. When we went to Disney a few Springs ago, we ordered special bracelets for the kids that had our name and contact info on them. In case they got lost, we had a reliable way for them to reach us on the cell phones we carried in the park. This is especially helpful if you have young child, or a shy one who might get flustered by the chaos of being separated from mom and dad. 

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  1. What a neat idea! I cannot tell you how many jackets and gloves we loose in a year!

  2. those are fabulous. I could use that on scout stuff. We keep "loosing" things

  3. These are cute and a great way to keep things from getting lost (as often).

  4. I really love the dino design. We have purchased other labels such as these in the past and I have never seen such a cute design and in so many colors. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love these. Since the little one is taking dance classes, this will be great to place in her shoes or even on her bag. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. "The Imelda Marcos of baby shoes" - hahaha!
    I think this is a great idea. I still remember losing my hippo purse on the bus when I was 6, which had THREE WHOLE DOLLARS in it! Wish I'd had a label for someone to return it to me! (Not that the Internet was around back then for anyone to return it...LOL!) The safety bracelets are a great idea too.