Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A new event, with CSN and more!

I know we're all in the midst of our holiday prep, but I wanted to let y'all know of an event I'm having in the new year. The event is Terribly Terrific Toddler Phase: Surviving and Thriving the Chaos! I have many great sponsors lined up, but I wanted to let you know right away about a couple who have gotten involved early! CSN, I'm sure you know the joint, has come on board to help out. I love CSN because you can find nearly anything you're looking for at one of their hundreds of stores. Part of Surviving and Thriving with toddlers is returning your focus to all the facets of life that fall to the wayside when you've got a new baby. Self-growth, community, home improvement, etc. And CSN can certainly help you find anything you might need for the home improvement areas, as they've got everything from counter height stools to ceiling fans and picture frames.

Ironically, all 3 are on my list of things to purchase in the new year. We've got a fantastic island in our kitchen that goes largely unused. I'm looking for some counter height stools that we can use for the kids to eat their breakfast at in the mornings before school. I'm really digging these

As for some of my other sponsors, I don't want to spoil any surprises, but I'll give you a couple names just to give you a clue what's coming (most with contests!). Some of my sponsors so far are EyeQ, Sanuk, Giani Granite, Eden Fantasies, Shatobu, Baby Hip Hugger, and some books, dvd's, toys and games. Should be a really great event, so stay tuned!

Soon, I'll have an event button posted that you can obtain extra contest entries by putting up early. So be sure to check back often!


  1. Visiting here today from google reader.Sounds like lots of exciting giveaways coming up. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Great idea for an event! You've got all kinds of great stuff lined up.

    Happy Thanksgiving!