Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mitchell Musso is so dang adorable!

When his first album came out, I wasn't sure if I'd buy it for Keep. But...But...But, it's Oliver!! I'd proclaim, every time she asked. Eventually, as is always the case, she wore me down and I bought it. That album rocked! My favorite song was Speed Dial. So adorable!

Now, he's got a new album coming out! I'm so excited that I'm going to pre-order it for Keep for Christmas. If I can resist busting it open for a listen before then! I've been really surprised by Mitchell Musso, because well, I'm 30 and he's....not. When I first started listening to his debut album, I was a little nervous that it was creepy for an adult to listen to music that's clearly designed for the younger generation. But you know what? The thing Musso succeeds at is bringing grown-up sound to a kid's genre. It's music Keep can love at 10, and I can love at 30, without feeling weird.

Bottom line, the kid's got chops. The new album is out November 22nd. Check out the new album art-

And, if your less of an old lady than I am, check him out on Twitter!

Because I'm giddy with excitement about the new album, check out this single!

I found the content for this post at Thinktank, so thanks to them for bringing me the head's up!


  1. I loved his first album too! I look forward to hearing his new one. I don't care how old I am, I will always love happy pop music!

  2. Thanks for bringing him to my attention - had not heard of him before - but very catchy music - will have to keep my ear out for him ;)

  3. I have never heard of him either. Sounds like he could be worth listening too, even at 37 :)

  4. We have Sirrus radio so we usually have the Disney Channel on so we hear him a lot!