Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebrating an Anniversary With Flair

**Today's post includes mature content. If you're not of an age of legal majority (meaning, are you a big girl according to your state's statutes?), then please scoot on by. Come back tomorrow, when I'm back to being more mommy and less wife.**

 Today is our 11 year anniversary. Considering that I'm 30, 11 years is a long time. More than one third of my life has been spent as a Mrs. I'm very fortunate to have a man who understands how hard holding a marriage together can be. I think it's especially hard to hold a marriage together when society shows us constantly how easy splitting up can be. Not that every marriage should be "forever after." I fully recognize that for many couples, things are just untenable and divorce is the best option.

Part of avoiding divorce though, in my opinion, is finding ways to keep a couple's feelings for eachother fresh. Although I'm beyond grateful to be past the 'does he or doesn't he' stage of life, there's something to be said for the little shimmy of adrenaline that tremors through your body as you take each step further into an intimate relationship.

Can an old married couple maintain that fissure of awareness and sexy thrill? Oh heck yes, we can! There are dozens of things a couple can do to keep the fires burning (to use an old cliche!). One of my favorite ways is to bring a little spice to our intimate moments. Now, I'm not talking about hog tying each other and swinging from the chandeliers, though you can absolutely go that route if that's your fancy! But introducing some sensual massage, sexy food play, romantic ambiance, and even some adult toys can really help to bring that feeling of anticipation and exploration back that everyone enjoys in that 'falling in love' time. I ordered something special from Eden the other day as a surprise to celebrate, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the surprise on his face!

I especially like ordering from the site above because it allows you to explore, without taking your out of your comfort range. Not everyone is ready for the kind of intense fetish play that is out there, so a site that caters to couples from all walks of the intimate pathway is a true find. Moreover, their billing and shipping policies allow for privacy and the element of surprise. I used the opportunity given to me by Eden to select something called a Bnaughty. I'm tellin' ya, this thing is sleek. It came with a soft back for storing it in, looks like something high-tech and computer-y, rather than something overtly sexy (which is helpful in a house full of inquisitive Christmas present hunters. I inserted the batteries and turned it on. It's quiet and powerful. The feel of the bullet pulsing on my palm lets me know that this toy is going to be a lot of fun for us both.

Best of all? You can avoid shopping in one of those stores. I don't know if you have one near you, but the ones near here always leave me feeling a little creeped out by the other shoppers. Especially the ones located just off the interstate!

So, as we close the door on 11 years of marriage, and start off onto our 12th year, it's not luck or happenstance that guides our success as a couple. It's hard work, careful nurturing, and a willingness to occasionally walk a few steps onto the wild side that gets us through the hard times. Give it a shot yourselves, I promise, that shimmy of adrenaline is worth it!

This post has been sponsored by . I'd like to thank them for helping me keep a little sexy in my life!

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