Thursday, November 18, 2010

Norah Jones ...Featuring

Listening to music has become one of my biggest pleasures while working. It's a new concept for me, because before I went to law school my habit was to have the television playing in the background of whatever I was doing. However, no matter how much I like a song or artist, only certain music makes for good background play. It's gotta have great tune and a good vibe to it. It's gotta be something I want to hear, but also something that doesn't burst its way into my conscious, disrupting the workflow.

Norah Jones has always been in my 'go-to' playlist of artists who deliver a sound that's completely pleasing to listen to without interfering with my train of thought. A few weeks ago, the One2One Network sent me a pre-release copy of the album Norah Jones released this Tuesday. It's titled “...Featuring,” I'm presuming it got that name because not only is Norah Jones, who is iconic on her own featured, but plenty of other heavy hitters in the music industry. We're talking Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Outkast, Ray Charles, even the Foo Fighters. If that's not an indication of her range and versatility, I can't think of what is.

Ever since this album arrived, I haven't taken it out of my player. More than that, everyone in the house has been grooving along with me. Keep and Bogey defintiely have their favorite songs, Dare boogies whenever he can catch the beat, and even Mr. LJD has enjoyed having it play softly in the background during dinner.

This is the kind of album you turn to when you've had enough Miley, when you're avoiding the booty-call of the top 40, and when you want something everyone can enjoy. Check out the playlist on Amazon, visit her website, or buy the album for just $9.99!

Thanks to the sponsor, the One2One Network, for sending me a copy of the album!

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