Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heading into law school, I knew three irrefutable facts:
1, I was a good mom.
2, Lawyers are vital to people’s lives.
3, When all else fails in life, bake a cheesecake and call it a day.

Now, several years later, law school is complete and I’ve learned that “irrefutable facts” are almost always refutable. Except number three. Baking a cheesecake is always a good idea.

So here are my post-law school discoveries about my life:
1, Being a good mom is relative, and my relatives bolster my talents when I’m struggling.
2, Everyone hates a lawyer, until they’re knee deep in troubled waters.
3. When there’s a choice to be made; to lullaby the baby or lawyer in the office, there’s really no choice at all, just another all-nighter.

Where blogging fits into the equation, I’m not certain yet. But we’ll figure it out. After all, there's cheesecake!


  1. Good luck with the new blog! Following from the This for That linky! Would come follow me back? I have two blogs listed in my profile, Christ-Like Mommy and Christ-Like Mommy Homeschool

  2. Love the cheesecake thought, wish I had the skills to bake one!

  3. And you've heard all the bad lawyer jokes out there too!

    Please check your email because you won a Bakery on Main giveaway on my blog :)